"SteveB In The City"

Steve B CD cover

“SteveB In The City“ is everything that SteveB fans have been waiting for! Steve studio-recorded his "Top Twelve" audience favorites into one fabulous CD:

(You can enjoy clips from many of these songs by checking out SteveB's library.)

Steve says, "I am privileged to have had some very talented people work with me on the project:

  • “SteveB In The City“ was produced, recorded and mastered by Jorge Guzman at WorldBeatGroup, - who is blessed with both musical performance and production talents - thank you Jorge for your boundless creativity and expert guidance.
  • Thank you to the popular jazz and pop vocalist Jocelyn Paul.
  • Thanks also to nationally recognized percussionist Edwin Bonilla, who has worked with Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine.

“SteveB In The City“ serves up a blend of smooth jazz (with a funky beat), soulful ballads, and exciting dance music. You can get “SteveB In The City“ at any of SteveB's performances.

Can't wait for a performance? To get your own copy of “SteveB In The City“ for only $15 (plus S/H), email Steve at Steve@SteveBPlaysSax.com and he'll send you ordering information. (Online ordering is coming soon.)